About Me

I am vegan physician who cares about the well-being of all life, be it human, animal or the ecosystems upon which we depend.

My fascination with diet and its far reaching effects began 24 years ago while learning to teach tennis at a summer camp in northern Ontario. Since then I've eaten an imperfectly vegan diet.

My views have been influenced by my studies in physical therapy (McGill University), medical school (Yale University), research methods (UCSF, Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship) and internal medicine (Brigham &Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School), as well as by a handful of inspiring scientists, doctors, activists and patients I've met along the way...

I was born in South Africa, grew up in Toronto, Canada, and am now living in San Francisco...

I am formerly the medical director of Keas. Prior to that I was special assistant to the President & CEO at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for childhood obesity and a part time obesity consultant for Harvard Health Publications. Currently, I practice and design Lifestyle Medicine programs at One Medical Group in San Francisco and am the VP of Health for Mark One Lifestyle - a consumer health device start up. Naturally, none of my writings should be interpreted as the views of my employers.

My love and gratitude for checking out my blog and doing what you can to make the world a more humane place,

Mark Berman MD

email: mbermanmd@gmail.com
twitter: @MarkBermanMD