Plant-Based Weight Management & Vegan Health Consultations

Are you looking for help to improve your weight and your health?

If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for a vegan-friendly physician to help with weight management, I would be honored to help you. I also provide consultations for patients who are looking to optimize their plant-based diet and lifestyle.

I practice at One Medical Group. And you can book an appointment with me by calling 415.529.4099.

Here's some insight into my beliefs around weight management.

Overweight is a "Success Failure"

At present, over 2/3rds of all American adults are overweight. This is not because Americans are weak minded, lazy or stupid. It's because the health of all animals, humans included, is primarily dependent on the environment they live in.

American's, like an increasing proportion of the world, have succeeded in creating a living environment that contains an over abundance of cheap food calories. We've also invented an increasing array of tools and livelihoods that save us from doing physical work which burns calories. In short, we are experiencing a "Success Failure".

The forces of evolution have programmed all animals to eat when food is available, and rest when rest is safe. Given the changes that have taken place over the last century, it's no surprise so many people are struggling to lose weight.

My approach to weight management

It is not easy, but I have learned that people can be trained to overcome their environment. It requires persistence and hard work. And above all it requires good reasons to change.

If you are serious about losing weight, you will need to change both your diet and exercise habits. Usually that means learning new skills and addressing the emotional states that make change difficult.

My aim is to help people achieve a healthier body and mind, in a way that improves health and is kind to the planet, yourself and the animals. 

I don't advocate long fasts, cleanses, or "fat burning supplements". Instead, I suggest making meaningful lifestyle changes and being as "vegan" as you can be.

I like to combine education with action, so if at all possible, I do counseling sessions while walking.